Tenga’s new AIR-TECH Vacuum cups are the same fun in a reusable package. Removable inner sleeves allow for easy clean up and endless pleasure. The new airflow structure makes the Vacuum sensation feel even stronger than ever.

It come with three following variants

With a smoother inner texture and softer material, AIR-TECH GENTLE is perfect for the gentleman looking for a more mild stimulation. GENTLE is not as tight to make room for the tantalizing inner spirals to work their magic.

AIR-TECH REGULAR flaunts the same top-selling material as their famous Original Vacuum Cup. Now with its new reusable form, you will be reaching for your favorite time and time again.

For those who delight in a tight fitted, vigorous experience, the AIR-TECH STRONG is for you! The material is firmer and more intense, and the inner texture is prominent to give you the sensation you’ve been looking for.

Insertion Width: Approx. 4.5cm, Insertion Depth: Approx. 15cm



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