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Intensify Her Pleasure. Prolong His Passion. Intensify’s sensation begins as a warm, soft glow and then intensifies into a deeply satisfying warmth as the area is stimulated. The scent of spicy cinnamon heats up the mood. Pleasure Balm Prolonging Gel provides a mild tingling, desensitizing sensation which can help increase sexual stamina and performance.

Features: two intimate products included. A product for both his and her pleasure. Prolongs as well as intensifies lovemaking. The As One Set is a great idea for adventurous lovers who want to try something new. An excellent bridal shower or bachelorette party gift or party favor. Honeymooners and Newlyweds. Rekindling the spark of passion in a relationship. Please note Pleasure Balm Prolonging Desensitizing Gel for men is not latex condom compatible. Water based. Active ingredient 5% Benzocaine. Made in the USA.


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