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Biology, organic phenomena and Modern technology (BNT)

Process-linked techniques reset 2.1 Getting Knowledge 2.1 achieving awareness phenomena describe and observe subjective perceptions identify and purpose measurements contrast uncomplicated Sizes progressively more findings of statements discern normal phenomena and specialised problems queries construct, confirm presumptions and experimentally validate tests under the direction evaluate, implement and plan a perceptible unit important use condition qualities of organisms criterion referenced compare and describe easy determination supports properly use straightforward approaches to resolving a controlled or practical issue build 2.2 conversation 2.2 correspondence with the scientific and technical operate in a workforce take responsibility for perform operations, collaborate persevering although plans and responsibilities discuss pertinent her technique their s findings and the results of their function document for illustrating data and results suitable tables and charts to generate relationships in between daily situations and scientific and technical issues to determine info ideal sign up giving relevant data of truth or each day messages and artwork representations in a correct technological words organized play progressively between every day vocabulary and techie vocabulary brief description identify simple sketches and drawings create and read 2.3 analysis 2.3 analysis research know-how for fixing each day issues makes sense to utilize the states of pets or animals on their environment together with the property situations as a property or farm pets review determined cases and critically evaluate lessons of steps for any ecologically explain and natural daily life endurable and application boundaries recognize scientific – It and technical information to evaluate safety and risks precautions to use economically and ecologically accountable way with energy and materials circumvent their behavior and the outcomes based on predefined standards reflect and evaluate 2.4 Preparation 2.4 Preparing of uncomplicated arranging files apply methods and uncomplicated models safely and professionally using straightforward specialised physical objects closing system easy technological houses and working challenges in the creation of a product or service conquer leading perspectives – – GNI (information) – importance and risks of ecological progression (details) – complexity and dynamics of eco friendly improvement (details) – valuations?? And standards in selection (information) – criteria for sustainability-accommodating and-suppressing action (information) -participation and involvement, engagement (details) – democracy capacity (facts) – Friedensstrateg ien (aspects) – learning for endurance and acceptance of diversity (details) – Personal and social diverseness (aspects) – Worth-centered managing (aspects) – solidarity, inclusion and tolerance low-discrimination (facts) – self-breakthrough and acknowledgement of other life forms (facts) – varieties ofstereotypes and prejudice, cliches (details) – discord quality and reconciliation of hobbies and interests ( facts) – defense of minorities (facts) – intercultural types and interreligious dialogue (aspects) – prevention and health campaign (information) – sensation and perception (specifics) – self-regulation and knowing (specifics) – exercise and relaxation (particulars) – hygiene and body (particulars) – diet program (specifics) – dependency and addiction (particulars) – bullying and violence (details) – accident and safety reduction (information) – BO (aspects) – Subject matter-certain and measures-oriented s usage of do the job and skilled lifestyle (Details) – information on career, study, occupations and education routes (details) – verification and assessment possess abilities and possible (Particulars) – Gender components when selecting a family, life and career setting up (facts) – competency analysis, knowledge evaluation and determination teaching (specifics) – design and planning of the change to training, career and studies (specifics) – multimedia Training (facts) – media channels firm (specifics) – mass media assessment (particulars) – knowledge and information (aspects) – communication and cooperation (specifics) – presentation and production (aspects) – coverage of Kids (facts) – Educational personal-determination See (facts) – i. T fundamentals (information) – customer Schooling (particulars) – use their own personal information (particulars) – risks and opportunities of lifestyle (Deta ils) – requirements and needs (particulars) – Investments and Finance (aspects) – Client Legal rights (details) – good quality of buyer merchandise (Aspects) – every day intake (specifics) – marketing as influencing variables (information) – purchaser Schooling (particulars)

3.1.8 Crops 3.1.1 thinking and working types of the natural engineering and sciences individual elements 3.1.2 – defending environmental surroundings 3.1.3 Normal water – a necessary product 3.1.4 energy efficiently 3.1.5 vertebrates 3.1.6 Advancement of Male 3.1. 7 invertebrates 3.1.8 vegetation 3.1.9 Ecosystem 3.1.10 A program created 3.1.11 invent a relocating subject.

3.1.8 flowers.

The scholars describe flowers as existing microorganisms with their usual body organs. They recognise the plethora of diversity and forms. You could functional and structural differences and similarities define different plants and plant households. They explain and describe the improvement and various other varieties of reproduction.

The students can.

The common organs of an flowering shrub describe and called their operate.

The standard internal organs of a blooming plant called and describe their purpose.

The usual internal organs of a blooming place paperhelp describe and called their functionality.

Germination tests plan, implement and evaluate.

Germination experiments evaluate, implement and plan.

Germination experiments evaluate, plan and implement.

(Z. B. Placed impression) setting up blooms look into

(Z. B. Placed impression) establishing blossoms check out

(Z. B. Put graphic) constructing blossoms investigate

On account of the roses establishing agents of two vegetation households off their residing natural environment determine (z. B. Build Herbarium)

Determined on such basis as the rose design representatives of three plant loved ones off their existing ecosystem and secures an (z. B. Produce Herbarium)

Identified payforessay judging by the plant construction officials of a number of grow families from their existing ecosystem and confirms an (z. B. Produce Herbarium)

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